NATE | Convention 2017
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Convention 2017

Convention 2017

The National Association of Teachers of English (NATE-Russia), an IATEFL affiliate, is the national professional body representing teachers of English throughout Russia. NATE-Russia promotes excellence in language learning, teaching, and research by providing opportunities for those involved in language education to meet, share, and collaborate. However, the educational landscape is changing, the needs of teachers are evolving, and now, perhaps more than ever before, NATE-Russia is primed and positioned to be a leading organization in giving educators a voice.The NATE-Russia International Convention & English Language Expo is the largest annual professional development event in the ELT field with hundreds of attendees, over 60 interest sections, workshops, and exhibits. This year, the Convention was held in Moscow, at theRussian State Social University, the leading provider of social studies education in Russia.

The Convention has become a very important and so long awaiting event for people who dedicated their lives to teaching English. It has become a unique event where like-minded professionals from Russia, the UK, and the US discussed issues related to academic writing, critical thinking skills, mastery, use of technology in EFL teaching and learning, EFL classroom research and practice, mainstream boarding schools and colleges, Intercultural Communication in ELT, English for professional opportunities and inclusive education.

The Convention provided an opportunity for professional networking and collaboration, for re-envisioning teaching as not “just” training, mastering, drilling or brushing up but as a part of an ongoing circle of reflection, inquiry, and action, something beyond the traditional boundaries or guidelines teachers can be limited by.

The theme of the Convention was “It’s not just English. It’s Teaching that Transcends Boundaries”. The participants also highlighted the central role that English teaching plays in developing a professional community of quality, collaboration, and integrity. Furthermore, the Convention addressed such issues as the internationalization of Russian science and education, technological innovations in foreign language methodology and challenges that Russian linguists and teachers of English face in the changing global environment.

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