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Berdsk, Novosibirsk Oblast (NovELTA branch)

Отчёт о деятельности ТПГ


1. X Jubilee International Summer School Program «International Dialog: Education. Culture. Sport»-2016 (2-week program, June -July, 2016)

Target audience: schoolchildren aged 7-17, Russian and International University students, Russian and International teachers

Number of participants- 118 (schoolchildren- from Novosibirsk Oblast and Republic of Khakassia, university students from Novosibirsk Teachers“ Training University and Moscow Design University- 5, Russian teachers of english- 13, international teachers from the USA, India and Chech Republic —6)

2. «English In Focus» Language Course based on American Studies: American English, American Geography and History, Sightseeing, Idioms and Fun Activities, Work and Travel Opportunities in the US, playing business games, etc. (2-week program, August 15-26, 2016)

Target audience: schoolchildren aged 7-17, Teachers“ Training university students

Number of students-participants: 38

 3. Country and Culture Study Quiz.

Target audience: schoolchildren aged 7-17

Number of students involved: 163

Dates: September, 5 - September, 28

4. Short Tutoring Course for schoolchildren on How to do a scientific research, write a paper , make a presentation for the conference and get ready to make a speech in English in public.

 With the help of our colleagues from the Pedagogical University and Technical University in Novosibirsk, we prepared a special session and some instructional material on how to do a scientific research, write a paper, make a presentation for the conference and how to get prepared for public speaking. It also has some helpful vocabulary for the students: aims and goals, objectives, methods of research, etc.

 Dates- September-October 2016

Number of people involved- 7 high-school students and 4 teachers of English

5. Russian Adventures in America Project (idea came from Fort Ross 2.0 Contest and from Access students) — learning more about Russian-American history, about establishing diplomatic relations between the two countries more than 200 years ago and about the life of ordinary Russian people in the USA nowadays.

The students searched for information in the internet and books about history, Russian expeditions to North America, first Russian settlements and business expansion around the continent in the XVIII-XIX centuries. They also wanted to find out interesting things about famous and ordinary Russian people who live and work in America nowadays and share the stories they have found with the peers.

Dates: September 2016 — May 2017

Number of students involved: 60

6. Total Dictation: Learning More about Literature and How to Write Properly (September 15, 2016)

We chose extracts from «The Adventures of Tom Sawyer» by Mark Twain for students aged 13 and older and «The Happy Prince» by Oscar Wilde for students aged 10-12

Target audience: schoolchildren

Number of students involved: 270

7. Autumn Symphony English Language Contest , City Level, September 28, 2016

Number of students involved: 328 from 14 Berdsk schools

8. Field trips to Novosibirsk Library, English Language Center ( September 17, 2016)

24 students plus 4 teachers had field trips to Novosibirsk Regional Science Library and they learned a lot of new things- about very old books, the process of repairing them, about different departments (art, languages, science, technology, etc), how electronic library works and many other interesting things.

Thanks to the enthusiasm of people who work in the library and organized the fantastic tour around different departments, students realized that visiting a library and doing research there can be both interesting and enjoyable. At the English language literature department, the students had a Quiz based on Alice in Wonderland story and it turned our visit into real fun.

9. «Snail Mail» Project (students exchange REAL postcards and letters: they learn how to communicate with kids of the same age from different countries in English and learn how to mail postages)

The students wrote letters and postcards and we mailed them to the USA (the states of Arizona, New Jersey, Delaware and Virginia), England and India and waited for a few months to get answers.

Dates: September 2016-May 2017

Target audience: schoolchildren aged 7-17

Number of participants: 136 students prepared letters and postcards for their peers and mailed them.

10. Bright Generation English Language Contest (April, 2017)-

Target audience: schoolchildren aged 8-17 (from different Berdsk schools)

Number of participants: 217