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Moscow English Language Teachers Association (MELTA)

Отчёт о деятельности Ассоциации


Ежегодные мероприятия

1) February, 3, 2017     MELTA Poetry Festival

2) March, 11, 2017       VIII MELTA Storytelling Festival

3) March, 17, 2017       Workshop “Choosing a Book to Read” by Olga Boltneva

4) March, 24, 2017       XII MELTA Public Speaking Contest

5) March, 14, 2017       Workshop “The Process of Creating an Illustration for  a                                           Book” by Lubaev Petr, member of Moscow Union of Artists

6) April, 21, 2017                  Award Ceremony and Gala Concert for winners and                                        laureates of MELTA annual contests and festivals


American Center alumni grant “Facilitating Access to English Language Education for BVI Students”: planned and accomplished.

Aims and accomplishment:

- provide teachers with free teaching materials including my "Grammar Cube" model (100 “Grammar Cubes” were produced and distributed)
- provide teachers with recommendations and support in using our models

(group was launched, book “Bridges” was created and published)
- let teachers share their experience and expertise in scientific magazines for free

(articles by T.Makarova, M.Molchanova, E.Morozova, O.Golanova, J.Antonova, S.Sannikova and others were published)
- share our ideas in all possible forms to create an enthusiastic caring professional community of BVI teachers

(results were shared in the groups and, workshop in the American Center “The Amazing Grammar Cube” was conducted)

Наиболее существенные результаты:

Publishing a book “Bridges”: articles were submitted by students taught by MELTA teachers. A book also included a section on BVI project, reporting the results of alumni grant project on “Grammar Cubes” by Peter Stepichev

Producing and distributing 100 Grammar Cubes to teach grammar to blind and visually impaired students (details:

Signing an agreement and launching a joint project “Must Read Festival” together with “Raising Readers” Association based in the Russian State Children Library

Series of workshops on Surprise Pedagogy for NATE members and regional associations of English teachers in Ekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Astrakhan, Tumen, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Tula, Kursk, Astrakhan, Elista, St.Petersburg, Izhevsk, Voronezh.