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Speaking - This site contains 1000 common English phrases; the phrases are all spoken and can be listened to multiple times.

Teaching Listening and Speaking (Richards) - Fairly lengthy article describing best practices in the teaching of listening and speaking.

The Employment of CALL in Teaching Second/Foreign Language Speaking Skills - Long, scholarly article about using computers to enhance the teaching of speaking.

The Forum - An online US Department of State journal filled with articles written for and by EFL instructors.

Learning English Pronunciation - A short article that includes some strategies on how to study and teach pronunciation.

New Perspectives in Teaching Pronunciation - A longer, scholarly article about teaching pronuncia-tion.

Some Techniques for Teaching Pronunciation - A short article with exercises in teaching pronunciation.

Test Your English Pronunciation - A short, fun quiz to test how much is know about pronouncing some common words.

BBC Pronunciation Tips - There are a video, quizzes, lessons, etc. on this website that are all focused on pronunciation.

One Stop English - Pronunciation Exercises - This site contains activities and handouts for teaching pronunciation.

Phonetics: The Sounds of American English - These pages show areas of articulation and how to pronounce consonants, vowels, and dipthongs.
Pronuncian - Pronunciation Podcasts - This website contains many podcasts about how to teach pronunciation and how to pronounce American English words.

prə-nŭn'sē-ā'shən - Pronunciation Links - This is a long, long list of links to many pronunciation sites. There's a little it of everything there!

Sounds of English - Pronunciation - This website contains teaching tips and exercises for teaching pronunciation including word stress, stress and intonation, and how to pronounce specific words.

Teaching Pronunciation - This website contains many handouts, pronunciation activities, and teaching tips.

Suprasegmentals: Pronunciation Practice for Your EFL Classroom - A short article that discusses Reduced Forms

Authentic communication: Whysit importan' ta teach reduced forms?
Teaching Reduced Forms - These websites contain a lot of information about stress and reductions: how to do them and how to teach them.

Why Suprasegmentals? - This short, readable article discusses the importance of teaching suprasegmentals.

One Stop English - Speaking Lesson Plans  - Although not always written up as formal  lesson plans, this site contains many speaking activities and worksheets.

Teaching Conversation Strategies Through Pair Taping - Useful and general information for working with conversation groups.

Materials for Teaching and Learning English - This US Department of State website contains many, resources for teachers of English.

Practical Aspects of Using Video in the Foreign Language Classroom - Good short article with useful information. General article about why teachers should use video in the classroom and how to do it.

Teaching Speaking: Activities to Promote Speaking in a Second Language - This easy-to-read articles suggests many ways to promote speaking in the classroom.

Teaching Listening, Speaking, and Writing - Short, general article with a section about the teaching of writing, also.

Song Lyrics - ESL Lounge
Teach English with Song - The author of the article discusses several aspects of using music in the classroom and some language activities that incorporate music. The websites offer song lyrics and information about using songs to teach English.

Error Correction: A Traffic Light Approach - Very good, short article about speaking and error correction.

Online English Language Center - Listening and Speaking Resources - This site contains a list of a variety of listening and pronunciation websites.