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Randall's Cyber ESL Listening Lab - Listening lessons on many different topics with pre-listening, during listening, and post-listening exercises. These are organized by level and topic. This provides a good example of how to create audio lessons. There are some video-based lessons as well. These are designed for English language learners to use on their own or in class.

Developing Listening Skills with Authentic Materials - Good 5-page article that also discusses how to incorporate authentic materials into a lesson.

Listening Activities for Effective Top-down Processing - This short articles gives many good ideas for  creating itop-down listening activities.

Teaching Listening and Speaking (Richards) - Fairly lengthy article describing best practices in the teaching of listening and speaking.

Teaching Listening, Speaking, and Writing - Short, general article with a section about the teaching of writing, also.

 engVid -  This is a general resource that contains videos on a multitude of topics, skills, and subjects.

BBC Video Collection - This website contains the BBC's nature collection.  There are many high-quality videos.

Vimeo - This site contains a number of high-quality videos.

Elements of Effective Instruction: Listening Comprehension - A 4-page general article about teaching listening, reading & writing; it also includes information about graphic organizers and scaffolding.

Graphic Organizers for Listening Comprehension - Good source for examples of several graphic organizers.

Note-taking  - This article contains general information about note-taking strategies. This website also includes links to other strategies such as time management, test-taking, organization, etc.

Note-taking Strategies - This is a website that contains links to many specific strategies about note-taking.

Practical Aspects of Using Video in the Foreign Language Classroom - Good short article with useful information. General article about why teachers should use video in the classroom and how to do it.

Song Lyrics - ESL Lounge
Teach English with Song - The author of the article discusses several aspects of using music in the classroom and some language activities that incorporate music. The websites offer song lyrics and information about using songs to teach English.

Conversation Lesson Plans for English Learners - This site contains several lesson plans for conversations; it also has a link to a page that contains many more.

Listen and Write - This website contains dictation exercises. It can be used by both students and teachers as a self-study tool.

National Public Radio Podcasts - Huge library of National Public Radio (American English) pod casts on a variety of topics.

Online English Language Center - Listening and Speaking Resources - This site contains a list of a variety of listening and pronunciation websites.

One Stop English - Listening Lesson Plans - There are  many lesson plans, activities, and handouts for teaching listening on this website.

Office of English Language Programs: Listening Resources - Authentic and classroom audio material, with resources designed for teachers.