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Dictation as a Language Learning Device - Good, shorter article that describes various types of dictation activities and describes how to use orthographic text dictation, which is similar to a spelling test.

Writing Objectives - This online article discusses how to write an ABCD objective.

Writing Objectives Using Bloom's Taxonomy - This website has an extensive list of verbs used when writing objectives. The verbs are classified according to Bloom's taxonomy. It also has a lot of information about objectives.

The Forum - An online US Department of State journal filled with articles written for and by EFL instructors.

Materials for Teaching and Learning English - This US Department of State website contains many, resources for teachers of English.

Teaching Listening, Speaking, and Writing - Short, general article with a section about the teaching of writing, also.

Listen and Write - This website contains dictation exercises. It can be used by both students and teachers as a self-study tool.