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General Materials

The Forum - An online US Department of State journal filled with articles written for and by EFL instructors.

Materials for Teaching and Learning English - This US Department of State website contains many, resources for teachers of English.

Strategies for Effective Lesson Planning - This is a general, non-scholarly article that contains some good theoretical information about lesson planning.

Graphic Organizers - This website contains free, printable handouts, activities, and graphic organizers

Scaffolding - Longer, scholarly article about scaffolding.

Scaffolding Academic Learning for Second Language Learners - Shorter article about scaffolding with a reading, writing focus.

Scaffolding for Success - Short, general article about scaffolding.  None of the links work.

Scaffolding Website - This is a website with links to several articles about scaffolding.

Bingo Creator - Print Bingo
Bingo Creator - Bingo Sakena
Bingo Creator - Make Bingo Cards - These are three links to free Bingo card generator websites.

BBC Video Collection - This website contains the BBC's nature collection.  There are many high-quality videos.

Breaking News English - Contains lessons, activities, quizzes for listening and many other activities. Lots of topics.

English, Baby! - This site must be joined. It contains resources for self-study for both teachers and students.

One Stop English - Integrated Skills Lesson Plans - This site contains lessons plans for integrated skills; there are also activities and handouts.

ESL Galaxy - worksheets and board games - This site has links to many, many board games and activities.

Voice of America - The Classroom - This site has videos, lesson plans, articles, and activities. Can also be used as self-study.

Voice of America -  Learning English - Contains a series of short videos on Facebook.

Voice of America - Special English - There are many, many videos on a variety of topics.

BBC: Learning English - Authentic and classroom material, with resources designed for teachers. This includes audio, video, and more.

NCLRC Learning Strategies Questionnaire - Download this Word document to assess your own learning strategies in listening and speaking.

NoodleTools: Choose the Best Search for Your Information Need - This site lists many different tools to use when searching for good content online. While Google does very good general searches, you may want something that is designed for current news, or children, or reliable sources, etc. This is where NoodleTools can be very helpful.

Real English - Everyone should begin with lesson one, no matter your English Level. Contains authentic speech by a variety of native and non-native speakers along with exercises.

Voice of America: Activities - General English topics with vocabulary, videos, quizzes.